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Teaser Interview with actor REGÉ-JEAN PAGE

January 18, 2021 2 min read


ACTOR Regé-Jean Page

From relative obscurity to a bookies’ favourite to be the next James Bond overnight, the Bridgerton star has just been rolling with his incredulous rise to fame – but what next now the Duke has stepped down off his horse?


It’s the Thursday before Christmas and Regé-Jean Page is having trouble juggling laundry duties with press responsibilities for a new Netflix show called Bridgerton.

“I’m terrible at timing my washing load,” jokes the 31-year-old in an assured British accent, oozing the kind of charisma and confidence that immediately creates a relaxed atmosphere. “I haven’t quite got the hang of balancing any of this yet...”


We laugh together, both oblivious of what is about to unfold for Page in the coming months.
For context, when we first speak on that fateful December day, Page is something of an unknown quantity. He has a respectable 39,000+ social media followers but could be safe in the knowledge that walking to get groceries from the local shop wouldn’t cause the slightest amount of commotion.  
“I’m excited because hopefully we’re delivering a really, really fun, hoot of a show for Christmas that brings light into the world at the end of a long, exhausting and dark year,” he says by way of introduction to Bridgerton, in which he plays the lead male, The Duke of Hastings. Behind Page is a sofa with several scatter cushions on it. A couple of unremarkable square canvas prints hang above the sofa with a third behind his head completing what looks like a set of beach-vibe photos. To his left sits a pretty serious looking electric guitar on a stand, next to what appears to be a cactus draped in Christmas lights.


“If you don’t really want a period drama this is the period drama for you because the whole point is to be something we haven’t made a hundred times over,” says Page, a natural at this press malarkey. “We wanted to bring in perspectives that feel fresh, contemporary and highlight this universal thing of ‘people haven't changed,’” he continues.
It’s clear before it’s even aired that Bridgerton is a project that Page is already extremely proud of, for a number of reasons. As a person of colour and the offspring of an interracial relationship, he starts with the show’s seamless ability to successfully represent Britain’s rich multicultural society...

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Editor: Michael Christensen

Photography: Pat Martin
Styling: Jenny Ricker
Editorial director: Huw Gwyther
Interview & editor: Mike Christensen
Art direction: Joe McCrae

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