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Chance Peña | “Feel It All”

July 05, 2024 1 min read


The Texan singer-songwriter showcases his raw, resonant vocal disposition on latest emotive single.





Following an awe-inspiring COLORS performance, where the rising Texan singer-songwriter debuted the beloved live favourite “Black Bird”, Chance Peña continues to captivate fans with his enchanting newest release, “Feel It All”. This mesmerising track marks a new chapter in his ever-evolving folk-pop journey, radiating raw emotion, profound honesty and heartfelt authenticity in spades.

The song opens with delicate guitar strings and minimalist production, allowing Peña's expansive and emotive vocal range to take centre stage. His delivery feels almost confessional, revealing a palpable and poignant vulnerability through vivid, enigmatic lyrics. As the track progresses, the acoustic pop arrangement evolves into a richly multi-layered production, transforming “Feel It All” into a spirited and anthemic piece that enhances Peña’s musical and emotional depth.

Reflecting on the relatable and authentic themes of the track, Peña shares, “’Feel It All’ is a song about not knowing how to express your feelings to someone when your relationship has gone south. You feel the weight of the world on your shoulders because it seems like this thing has run its course while at the same time, they seem perfectly okay with it or are they just oblivious to the reality of it.”


Listen to the track…

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