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A moment with the talented Mr.Lindorff

January 18, 2021 2 min read

IGNACIO wears all clothing and accessories RON DORFF

A moment with Claus Lindorff, the dapper founder of Ron Dorff
The mastermind behind Ron Dorff, the men’s label that merges sophistication with self-assurance (and yes, a little bit of sex – but just the right amount) knows a thing of two about what men want. His line, aligning Swedish functionality with a certain French style, offers a new idea of sportswear: smart, sharp and timeless and oh so chic with the right amount of masculinity. “Our mantra Is to always look back at those timeless sportswear classics for men from the past and reinterpret them,” he says over the phone from his home in Paris. “Whatever we make, it’s always in contact with the skin. Our pieces have direct contact making it not only comfortable but also functional and sexy. If it’s made, it has a purpose….and it should always enhance your body”.
Embedded within the DNA of Ron Dorff is the notion of confidence, a word that’s often confused with discipline, a pillar of the brand identity.
“The word confidence says it all, doesn’t it? Isn’t it what we all want to have? There are so many books about being confident and how to feel better about yourself. To me, it’s all begins with discipline. If you have discipline in life, you can create a solid base for yourself which gives you confidence to go further and do more daring things. You always need a base to jump from” he says with a stern yet playful intonation. “From there, anything is possible”.  


The brand started in a very matter of fact fashion – making simple, functional sportswear with fits that were somewhat tailored.
“At the time it was literally impossible to find a well-cut t-shirt without over-sized logos, prints and mad colors. Sports shorts were big and baggy and always with a number of unnecessary details. Essentially, the brand was launched for what I wanted to wear but couldn’t find…and I still approach it in the very same way”. Now, men alike are clamoring for Ron Dorff designs – from the perfectly fitted underwear to a gym short that hits exactly where it should, to those body-defining swim suits adorned with the brands signature detail –a pair of black-lacquered eyelets, a reflection of the two O's in the brand name that allows for the subtlest glimpse of skin. Classically designed, with a little bit of sex, and a whole lot of discipline, is the modern definition of the Ron Dorff man.



Editor/Words: Yale Breslin

Visit Ron Dorff: https://www.rondorff.com/

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