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William Franklyn Miller wears FENDACE Man About Town SS22

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William Franklyn Miller wears  FENDACE on the cover of Man About Town’s SS22 issue.

How has the transition into auditioning been, now that you’ve moved on from the child roles and are entering into your adult career?

Although I'm getting a lot more adult roles, and I'm getting closer and closer to these huge feature films and TV series, I think it's still a weird age. A character says they're an 18-year-old in the movie, but in real life, the actors are really like 25, 26, 27 years old, but then now and then there is that sort of break where an 18-year-old will be playing an 18-year-old. So there's a higher chance for me now. The change in the number of auditions I’m getting now... It's just crazy to say.

With social media being so innate, especially to Gen-Z, it’s an integral part of most people’s lives. You’ve amassed a large following yourself, do you ever feel differently now when you go to hit post on something versus how you felt when you had only a few hundred or thousand followers?

I'm more careful with what I put out. Not that I'm controversial or anything, you just want to be more educated because it's going out to such a big following. Even though I'm not an influencer, the stuff that I post can influence people. It's also still just as casual as it was when I had only a few followers... I've kind of grown up with it. It's sort of just like a way of life, and my fans are so supportive.

How do you deal with the negative facets of social media? Do you ever get exhausted and think to yourself, I’m not going to look at this today?

For sure. I do post quite regularly, but there can be some times when I go weeks without posting, which is bad for me. My fans do get a little bit like ‘Where have you gone, Will where are you, are you alive?’ That kind of thing, but they know me so well and because of social media, they know what’s going on - they know I've got A-Levels. I think that there's no real pressure with my fan base, which is quite good. 

Photography by Stewart Bryden  
Fashion by Steph Wilson 
Words by Zoë Mignone 
Grooming by Bjorn Krischker using Boy de CHANEL, No. 1 de CHANEL and OUAI Haircare
Model William Franklyn Millerat Chapter Mgmt
Editorial Director Huw Gwyther
Art Director Jeffrey Thomson
Production by Daniel Thomasat Chapter Mgmt
Retouching Colorworkz 
Photo assistant Kyle Henry
Fashion assistant Lucy Rimmer 
Special thanks to Walthamstow Tradeshall  
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