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Troye Sivan Covers Man About Town's Spring/Summer 2023 Issue

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“I’ve always said that honesty is the number one most important thing with my [song]writing,” Troye Sivan tells Man About Town. “My approach has always been, 'Hold nothing back and deal with the ramifications of that afterwards.'” However, the Troye Sivan of recent times is untied, jubilant and carefree. “I love partying. I love going out and I love my friends. I’m writing songs about strangers that I meet and spend one night with, so that feels pretty chill to talk about."

"Holistically [in songwriting], you're trying to communicate a feeling and I think that's a combination of everything. It's like: ‘The lyric – is that right? The melody – is that right? The production – is that right? The context of it within the album – is that right?’ And when you do get all of those things and you feel like, ‘Okay, this song actually makes me feel the way that the situation felt,’ that's a really, really satisfying feeling. I think that's only happened to me a few times in my life and it happened quite a bit on this album.”

Covering Man About Town Spring/Summer 2023 issue, Troye Sivan talks the creation process of his upcoming third studio album, as well as entering the heady fictional music industry of The Weeknd and Sam Levinson’s long-awaited HBO drama, The Idol. A new epoch for Sivan as an actor and a pop star in full resplendency – the summer of Troye Sivan is well and truly dawning.

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Photography by Bartek Szmigulski
Fashion by Hunter Clem
Words by Andrew Wright
Editorial Director Huw Gwyther
Editor Andrew Wright
Entertainment Director Erica Cornwall
Hair by Daniel Moon
Makeup by Kirsten Coleman
Art Directors Harry Fitzgerald, Livia Vourlakidou, Michael Morton
Cover Design Harry Fitzgerald
Production Director Ben Crank
Producer Isabella Coleman
Producer Mar Indiveri 
Production Intern Frankie Baumer
Fashion Assistant Cam Garcia