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Shawn Mendes by Alex Harper covers Man About Town 2021, Chapter 2 | Fall 2021

Shawn Mendes

Wonder can be many things. It can be a feeling of amazement caused by something beautiful or unfamiliar; it can be a desire to acquire knowledge or show curiosity towards something; or it can be the name of one of the best selling albums of 2020, of one of the most streamed songs of 2021 and the most anticipated global tour of 2022 – all rolled into one. 

If it isn’t abundantly clear, Shawn Mendes is a man of many talents and even more wonders. At the age of 23, the Canadian wordsmith, singer and lover of Camila Cabello already has four multi-platinum, multi-award winning albums to his name, which charted at number one all around the world from the US and the UK to Australia, Spain, Mexico, Denmark, Taiwan and The Netherlands. 

Wonder is his most recent body of work to send fans into full Mendes mania meltdown mode and the barometer is about to go up a few notches as he prepares to do what he loves doing best – playing in front of hundreds of thousands of people at sold out stadiums, arenas or whatever can hold a gig big enough. 

After nearly three years since his last tour, Mendes will play 66 shows across 20 countries between March 14 and Oct 26 next year. Already deep in rehearsals, we found some time to catch up with the man widely regarded as one of the most genuine in the music industry. From the obligatory inner learnings gained from lockdown to his forever love and gratitude for Toronto and giving back to the world as best he can, here’s what he has to say about the status quo in his life at the moment. And yes, we do talk about a certain CC, too.

How’s your 2021 been? Given the pandemic, has it exceeded your expectations?
My 2021 has been amazing. It's been so nice to be reminded of how incredible my life is and how special the things I get to do are. I really used to just take playing shows for granted, and I played my first show back a couple of weeks ago and it was just really incredible. And so, yeah, it's been an amazing year. I've been really, really so happy with everything. I would say that it's been a super interesting and tough time for everybody. I don't really know a single person who hasn't gone inward over the last couple of years and learned more about themselves...

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Photography: Alex Harper
Fashion Director: Gorge Villalpando 
Entertainment Director + Producer: Erica Cornwall 
Grooming: Anna Bernabé @ The Wall Group
Editorial Director: Huw Gwyther
Editor: Mike Christensen
Styling: Tiffany Briseno
Videography: R.J. Goni 
1st Photo Assistant: Chauntice Green
2nd Photo Assistant: Raymond Alva
Digitech: Maria Troncoso de Gibbs 
Gaffer: Darrin Bush
Fashion Coordinators: Anissa Silvas & Britt Frascht
Fashion Assistants: Bree Banuelos, Jessica-Amber Pineda, Nilufar Yarmo & Nash Koshiro

A very special thanks to Mav Farm (@Mav_farm) + Lost Show (@lost.show_w)
Location: Topanga Creative Acres (@topanga_creativeacres)

Thanks also to Erewhon Market, Boite de Luxe, Flow water Pukka Herbs Tea 
Beverly Hills Lingerie, Hukitchen, Forager Project, Rabot World, Krupa Consulting and Seedlip Drinks. 
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