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Jensen Ackles wears Omega Man About Town SS22

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Jensen Ackles on closing chapters, the enchantment of otherworldly television and joining Amazon’s satirical superhero drama,The Boys.

Can you still remember the first time you ever went on set for Supernatural?

“I can. It was a library scene, and we were filming in Glendale, Los Angeles. It was in a school and Jared Padalecki and I were doing some research on monsters. I think that was the first scene we ever had together.”

After 15 seasons, did it feel like that was truly the end or was there always something in the back of your mind for the future?

“I think we all felt like it wasn’t the final goodbye, rather, putting the book down for now and maybe reading something else in the library and seeing what happens in a few years. We’re taking a run by opening the universe up again and creating an original story. So we’ll see where that takes us.”

Why did now feel like the right time to pick the book up again then?

“I think all of us, the network included, were always trying to figure out if there was any way to expand the story. There were a few attempts that just didn't land in the way that everybody wanted them to and then it felt like it wasn't going to happen. As we were filming the final two shows of the season, COVID struck. It was so painful because when we came back, all of our crew had masks on. We couldn't touch, we couldn't hug, we didn't get to have a wrap party. It was like the worst way to end a 15-year run. We all felt that we've got to keep this fire burning in some way, shape, or form and so it was during the COVID break that the idea kind of came about. I've always thought that if there was going to be something tethered to the mothership, it had to be based on a character that is integral to the story of Supernatural. And so I thought, what better than the mum and dad who created these two brothers? Let's take it back to when they were young, how does that story go?”

The new show, The Winchesters, follows an episodic structure too. What is it about this formula that appeals to you, as opposed to film?

“I don’t know what the ending is. With a film, you’ve got your beginning, middle and end. It’s all there in the script, but with a series, I don’t know where I’m going to go. It’s a journey where the future is undefined.”

Jensen Ackles wears watch by Omega on the cover of Man About Town’s SS22 issue.

Photography by Austin Hargrave  
Fashion by Ilaria Urbinati at The Wall Group and Savannah Mendoza
Words by Scarlett Baker 
Grooming by Barbara Guillaume at Forward Artists using Circa 1970 Luxury Face Oil 
Editorial Director Huw Gwyther
Art Director Jeffrey Thomson
Entertainment Director Erica Cornwall
Production Director Morgane Millot
Production assistant Kai Roberts
Special thanks to The Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills and Narrative PR 
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