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Jack Robinson wears Levi's and Converse Man About Town SS22

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At just 12-years-old, Jack Robinson was regarded around the world as one of the greatest young surfers there is. While the rest of us were overcoming the fright of the ocean with armbands, Robinson has been at one with the sea, preparing for contests since he was a toddler. Though it's considered commonplace for surf culture to be ingrained into many who live by the beach during their childhood, Jack’s rapid trajectory into the surfing spotlight is anything but normal. From a young age, it was clear that he possessed talents largely unparalleled by his peers at the time, which earned him international recognition before he was old enough to get a driver's licence.

Not only have you been surfing for a long time, but you’ve also been surfing in the spotlight for a long time. How did you realise that surfing is something you wanted to put everything into and really go for?

"When I was around seven or eight I was having so much fun doing it so I knew I would want to do it forever. Also, being in the spotlight from around 11 or 12 there was a lot going on, but I was able to still be a kid and enjoy surfing. Once I was in the water, that’s where I was free!"

Undoubtedly there is always going to be pressure, direct or indirect, whenever you’re at such a competitive level. How do you balance those pressures to stay passionate about surfing?

"There’s a lot that comes with it. I feel like it can eat you up more in your teenage years because there is a lot of hype. There are big contracts and companies expect a lot. It’s not always fun, but these moments pass and you have to find the balance as you get older. I always remind myself [of] why I got into the sport."

How do you think surfing has shaped other areas of your life and who you are today?

"I was lucky I loved it when I started, the ocean is so powerful so you learn to respect it and stay humble. It’s such a good lifestyle as well and growing up with a lot of bad paths you can take as a kid, I think it keeps you out of trouble and away from this. Any sport, if you love it, will do that."

Jack Robinson wears Levi's  and Converse on the cover of Man About Town’s SS22 issue.

Photography by Buzz White  
Fashion by Tony Cook 
Words by Zoë Mignone 
Hair by Jody Taylor
Make-up by Adam De Cruz at One Represents using ADC Beauty
Editorial Director Huw Gwyther
Art Director Jeffrey Thomson 
Photo assistants Andras Bartok, Josh Bryant, Freddie Hare
Lighting by Alex Libby at Pro Lighting
Fashion assistant Andrew Burling  

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