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Noah Beck wears AMI Man About Town SS22

Behind the lens of a TikTok sensation, Noah Beck shares the reality of life on a viral stage and his next venture with the camera.

“My whole life has been dedicated to soccer, and that’s all I ever wanted to do. Soccer, or football as you call it, was everything for me. I played in Arizona up until the age of fifteen, and then I moved to Utah for college. I had a great freshman year but then COVID hit and we got sent home. Quarantine happened, and in my room, I could only kick a ball around for so long. I could only do so much online school where my brain wouldn't get fried and I couldn’t hang out with friends because we were all locked in our houses. So, I was like, what do I do? And I just started making videos.”

Was this something your friends were doing as welI?

“It was never something I dreamed of and it felt weird at first, to the point where I thought my phone was glitching. I just did a cringe lip-sync video and a dance! But it was so flattering. I started to think to myself, they must believe in something that I’m doing; there must be something appealing in the stuff that I’m putting out there. I still don’t know how to answer the question when people ask me why I have the number of followers that I do. I don't know the answer. When I first started using it, TikTok was just for fun. When I saw hundreds, and then hundreds of thousands of people, sometimes even millions of people liking my videos early on, I realised the scale of it. Think about how many eyes you’re reaching! TikTok is what you make it, and for me, that’s a job. I owe pretty much everything to it, that’s how my whole career started.”

Noah Beck wears AMI on the cover of Man About Town’s SS22 issue.

Photography by Shane McCauley  
Fashion by Christian Stroble at The Wall Group 
Words by Scarlett Baker 
Grooming by Kerrie Urban at The Wall Group 
Editorial Director Huw Gwyther
Art Director Jeffrey Thomson
Production Director Morgane Millot
Production assistant Kai Roberts
Special thanks to The Venice V Hotel and Leah Edwards 

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