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Hero Fiennes Tiffin, Birthday cover Man About Town 2021, Chapter 2 | Fall 2021

Hero Fiennes Tiffin

We catch up with the 24-year-old star to talk about love, football and being a role model. Here's a sneak peak at some of the things he said from our cover story:

On life lessons learnt playing football
"I’m realising that it's not necessarily about how good you are at something but how correct and selfless your decision-making is and the importance of not letting your people down. Every Sunday, none of us want to get out of bed. We're all there dreading it but when we get there, we realise it was worth it, you feel better after. 

On playing slightly darker characters
"It’s funny because my name's Hero yet I keep getting drawn to these villainous characters and I love it, don't get me wrong, but I would also love to bounce between them. I was googling which actors are known for playing good guys and bad guys and Ralph [Fiennes] kept on popping up so maybe it's in the blood.

On being a role model
"It's been an acceptance of the responsibility that comes with acting that I didn't sign up for. Just being conscious of your actions and the fact that younger people are following your footsteps, it's a subtle tweak you make mentally. I definitely do feel it but I don't feel a pressure or obligation it just feels like the right thing to do."

On the portrayal of love in films
"It's important not to see After as a blueprint but as an isolated viewpoint of a relationship for entertainment purposes. It's important to remember, especially with a film like After, you can learn what not to do, just as much as what you should do. It’s enjoyable to put your own perspective on who you think is right and wrong in a scene, because it takes two to tango and often both are to blame."

On dating in this day and age
"It's like being at a party with the entire world in attendance and you can peep at everyone, which is somewhat unhealthy, especially with everyone making sure the only picture they post is from the perfect angle with the perfect lighting. I'm sure it does have a knock on effect on our perception of how many people are out there and are right for us."

Hero wears Tod's on the cover of Man About Town's AW21 issue.

Photography: Bartek Szmigulski 
Styling: Michael Miller
Grooming: Charlie Duffy
Interview & editor: Mike Christensen
Art director: Aiden Miller
Production director: Sam Geroldi
Editorial director: Huw Gwyther

A special thanks to Regents Crescent
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