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July 14, 2023 3 min read



As the 20-year-old London artist announces his sophomore project, he talks Man About Town through his growth so far, dream collaborations and that all important dish he'd bring to a potluck dinner.




“The main focus for [my] new EP was a search for identity,” Nate Brazier tells Man About Townof freshly-announced upcoming sophomore EP “Nothing Sacred”, due in August. Described by Brazier as “a redefinition of personal values,” it follows March debut project “YSK” which interrogated the realities of teenage life and coming of age, making him a key name to watch on the industry’s lips in the process.

And despite “Nothing Sacred”’s title, there’s definitely something superhuman about Nate’s production style – tying together elements of R&B and electronica with subdued piano melodies in an ethereal sonic cocktail instantly recognisable as Brazier’s unique, genre-transcending sound.

Following the release of latest track “Episode”, we spoke to Brazier about his variety of influences, dream collaborations, writing process and much more. 



Hey Nate! Congratulations on the release of “Episode”! Where would you say we find you on this track?

Thanks! I'm in the darker corners of my head on this track, putting my social anxiety on blast and building up a kind of sonic bravado over the course of the song.

Congratulations are also in order on the announcement of your EP, Nothing Sacred! Can you tell us more about the meaning of the project’s title?

Thanks! The main focus for the EP was a search for identity, in particular since turning 20, after the last EP was centred around my teens and growing up with friends. Nothing Sacred looks at the rejection of an inherited moral compass and a redefinition of personal values. With the title, I wanted to refer to a lack of reverence for traditionally cherished dogmas or institutions. Each of the tracks find me questioning the established norms and beliefs of society, family, or culture. For me, the EP signifies not only a loss of innocence, but a freeness from constraints which allows one to forge their own identity and beliefs, separate from those imposed upon them.

How do you feel the experience of making your debut project has impacted or changed the way you worked on this one?

I think I've become more direct in the way I write. The last EP was pretty enigmatic in its lyrics but with all the positivity it received, I've grown more confident in sometimes saying it straight.

What was your favourite part of making the EP?

I've loved getting to work with new collaborators - an artist called Maverick Sabre helped write part of the EP and taught me a lot in doing so.

Who was on regular rotation playlist-wise during the period “Nothing Sacred” came to fruition?

There was a lot of FKA Twigs, Sevdaliza, Sampha, Frank Ocean and Dijon on rotation. All of those artists manage to maintain a rawness to their work while simultaneously pushing boundaries sonically.

We loved the recent video for “Teasing The Thread” also. When it comes to aesthetics - whether fashion or videos - where do you look for inspiration?

I'm inspired by all kinds of photographers (Tyrell Hampton, Hugo Compt, Gabriel Moses), directors (Tyrone Lebon, Petra Collins, Sam Levinson, Harmony Korine) and other visual artists. Also, having grown up on the internet, I feel like I'm entrenched in spaces like Tumblr, which is where I made all the early vision boards for the EP.

You worked with Mac Wetha and p-rallel recently! If you could recruit three artists, living or dead, to feature on a track, who would they be?

I would definitely die happy if I ever worked with Kendrick Lamar in some capacity. I think he's one of the greatest of all time. I've also always loved the way that Lorde writes, so I'd recruit her too. A newer artist I'd love to work on a track with is BLK ODYSSY. His most recent album has been on repeat.

We know “Nothing Sacred”’s only just on the horizon, however, what do you have in your sights next for the rest of the year and beyond?

We're working on putting a live band into fruition. I want as much to be played live as possible, so I’m planning to play some shows this year. I've started writing a debut mixtape, and I'm looking forward to putting a longer body of work out into the world.

Finally, a random question! You’ve been invited to dinner and have to bring one dish, what are you making?

I love Mexican food over anything else, so probably a chilli or fajitas.


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