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Interview: Jeremy Zucker

June 13, 2023 3 min read

The multi-platinum certified singer, songwriter and producer chats new EP, “is nothing sacred?”


“I think he would be really proud of himself,” Jeremy Zucker tells Man About Town. The 27-year-old pop poster-boy is reflecting on what his younger self would think of the first eight years of his career, since his 2015 break-out. “I don't think he would believe me if I told him where he was at today,” the New-Jersey multi-hyphenate admits.


However, 9.5 billion global streams later, unrelenting success would appear to be the reality for Zucker, these days. Not only has he just wrapped up a tour with Australian rap phenomenon The Kid Laroi, Zucker’s also furnished his summer with an EP release – “is nothing sacred?”, which dropped last week, and he’s juggling his Youtube channel (2.6M Subscribers), plus collaborations with brands including Nike and Neuw Denim.


There’s little the man can’t do, but thankfully he paused to give us the lowdown on the new project, his memories from his time on the road with The Kid Laroi, and the artist currently on regular rotation on his own playlist…


Congratulations on your EP, “is nothing sacred?”. What made you ponder that question with this project? 

Thank you for the congratulations! I think I was just questioning how myself as a human is valuing things and how the way I value things has changed over time. For a long time, I feel like I've been placing less value on things that once meant a lot to me, so it's sort of a journey, or a pursuit to care about things more.


Congratulations are also in order for your recent tour with The Kid Laroi! What was your favourite memory from your time on the road? 

Thank you! I think my favourite time on the road, besides playing the actual shows, was just hanging out with my crew and Laroi's crew and all getting to know each other. We all had so much fun together and Laroi is the greatest. 


What do you think might surprise fans when they hear “is nothing sacred?”? 

It might surprise them that it's their favourite project ever released by any artist ever!


Where is the ideal setting for the release to be enjoyed? 

The ideal setting for the project to be enjoyed is probably in the car driving – if you’ve got the best speakers and can hear the production clearly and some fun little things that I added in, while simultaneously being alone and able to think about life. But, as always, you can enjoy it anywhere with friends as well. 


Who’s been on regular rotation on your own playlists? 

The Japanese House. 


We loved your recent track “ok”! It’s been out in the world for around a month now. What’s the reaction been like? 

Thanks! It's actually been one of the best reactions I've ever gotten from a song. I had a lot of friends and collaborators and musicians messaging me saying that they like it a lot, so that makes me very happy. The song means a lot to me and it always is very rewarding when people feel that same way through the music. 


You emerged onto the music scene all the way back in 2015! When you look back at the Jeremy from that period, what do you think he would think of all you’ve achieved since? 

I think he would be really proud of himself, and I don't think he would believe me if I told him where he was at today. 


We hear you’ve got an exciting rest of the year ahead of you! Can you sum up how you’re feeling at this point in your career? 

I'm feeling great! I'm excited for everything that's to come, I wouldn't change anything up to this point and whatever happens is gonna be exciting.


As well as music, you know a thing or two about how to dress! How do you think fashion can be used as an extension of your musical expression? 

I think just like music has aesthetics, fashion has aesthetics. And it's fun to play with attempting to match those up or to juxtapose them because there are no rules in either. So it's fun to experiment on both ends.


What’s next on your to-do list for today?

I am editing a TikTok, and then I'm doing a photoshoot, currently in the Philippines in Manila.