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November 13, 2017 3 min read


Jesus said love was everything.

Marx said money was everything.

Freud said sex was everything. And

Einstein proved everything was relative.

Yet no matter how brilliant these

men were, none of them imagined

the magnitude of football. Sex,

money, love: a single sport has it all.

But what about Einstein? Watching

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior

score a few goals for Barcelona or

PSG certainly demonstrates that

everything else is, indeed, relative.

And it brings up a crucial riddle: is

Neymar a lay saint or a modern-day

gladiator? Certainly both – among

other things – when in front of Mario

Testino’s camera...

Neyma JR. photographed by Mario Testino for Man About Town MagazineDark laser-cut coat by Louis Vuitton Light high-tops by Louis Vuitton. Dark slim-fit running shorts by Nike. 

Here are the questions and a few answers that Neymar JR. gave during his interview with us at Man About Town... to read the full articlebuy your copy of Man About Town here.


If you close your eyes, and think of Mogi das Cruzes, what do you

see? What do you feel?

neymar: I was not there for long. I was born in Mogi das Cruzes

because my father was also a football athlete and played in one

of the clubs in town. I spent my childhood in São Vicente and

Praia Grande, cities close to Santos. Every time I think about my

childhood I think about my family, friends, and football. Nothing

has changed.


When you’re feeling blue, what music do you listen to? And when

you’re happy?

neymar: I only listen to music that makes me happy. Samba, pop,

pagode, any kind of music! Even when I’m sad, I listen to it so

I can smile.


Do you think there really is a “Brazilian” way of playing football?

neymar:  We Brazilians have “ginga” and “malemolência” as we say

over here. We like to dribble and to play beautifully. It’s that kind

of happy football that we like.



Do you care about other philanthropy projects?

neymar: At Jardim Glória, the neighbourhood I lived part of my

teenage years, in Praia Grande, we have the Instituto Projeto

Neymar Jr. We began our activities more than three years ago

with the capacity of assisting three thousand kids and teenagers

per day. It’s an educational & sports complex that helps children

from 7 to 14 years old and their families.


Some people, like the film producer Harvey Weinstein, seem to have

taken too much advantage of their celebrity. What do you think of this

current scandal?

neymar: I’m against any kind of abuse! If it’s from a celebrity, an

authority or any other kind of person, it’s wrong. As for this case,

I hope justice is done.


So what are your dreams now?

neymar: I want to win the Champions League with PSG and then win

the World Cup! These are my biggest dreams right now. Then, who

knows, maybe I’ll marry! (Laughs)



Being part of the PSG also means living in Paris. Did you know the

city before?

neymar: I didn’t know much of the city. Most of the times I went there

was as an athlete. To live in Paris is special. It’s a beautiful city and

I was very well welcomed by the French people regardless of the

club. I’m happy here!



You’ve been photographed several times by the legendary fashion

photographer Mario Testino: for Vogue, and now Man About town.

How does it feel to be photographed by Mario? Is posing in front of his

camera more intimidating than playing in a big stadium?

neymar: It’s incredible! He works with passion and you can see that

through his photos. He has an eye for art.


The photo shoot was kinda crazy, and took place in a car. What stands

out in your memory from the shoot?

neymar: I think the whole session is something to stand out in my

memory. I’ve never done any photo session like this one. I’ve had

a lot of fun!